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Blog: Intrepid Intern's Top 5 #01
by The Intern | March 12, 2013
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Everybody has a dream, right? At least that's what I remind myself. Who am I? Just your friendly neighborhood “Break Time!" intern. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of the bright lights of Hollywood. From the moment I took my steps into a movie theater, I knew I was destined to make my mark in the land of the stars.

Fast forward 20 year, I've accomplished my goal. An internship in Hollywood (Ok, Ok. An Internship in Anaheim, but still!) What am I interning for? I was told it was for “business development", but so far it's consisted of burrito runs for Dave and back massages for Eli (Don't Ask.). Unfortunately Dave and Eli have a strict, “You-have-to-be -worthy-and-Do-what-I-Ask-First-policy" when it comes to my input on “business development." But what can you do? The talent has to have coffee, right?

For the moment, they've allowed me to share my thoughts on production, life, and funny stories along the way. I hope you enjoy it because now I owe them one. I'm hoping by “owe", they mean creative input.

While I complain about the mundane aspects of my internship, it could be worse. So here's a list I've compiled of 5 current Hollywood internship listings for 2013 that sound WORSE than mine.

5. Beverly Hills, Ca - Sales, and Packaging Internship - Law Offices of Elsa Ram'an

Ever wanted to learn how to fill a box?...

4. Los Angeles, Ca - Mobile Ad Operations Intern - CBS Interactive

I'm sure you're familiar with those obnoxious cars, with advertisements wrapped all over their trendy, European automobiles? Careful, they're aggressive.

3. El Segundo, Ca - Operations - Raytheon

This one is just too ominous. I mean, what are “operations?" Could be anything. Maybe, it's holding a boom mic for some soap opera. Or maybe it's consolidating materials for an atomic bomb. Either way, I couldn't take the pressure.

2. Los Angeles, Ca - Film Production/Development NBC/Universal

Actually, this one sounds pretty awesome. Maybe, I should look into this one.

1. El Segundo, Ca - Summer Sports Sales - CBS Interactive


Until Next Time,
The Intrepid Intern.

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